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    "The Worlds Wildest Wheelstander"

     The Wheelie Wagon is a hand crafted, specialty exhibition vehicle designed to do wheelstands.
This one of a kind vehicle, complete with a pull along handle and red wagon body, approaches 120 MPH from a standing start to a distance of one quarter of a mile in just over ten seconds. On The Rear Tires!!! When given the signal to go, the driver steps on the throttle, keeping control, while the front of the wagon comes up carrying the front wheels all the way. When the driver is ready to slow down, he slowly lifts his foot from the throttle and sets the front of the wagon back down on the ground and brings the Wheelie Wagon to a safe stop. Power to do this comes from a fuel injected, supercharged, methanol burning, big block Chevy. Goodyear racing tires and a specially designed wing complete the package.

Tracts at the Track

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Wheelie Wagon "sneak peak"
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